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 A quick note so our European readers can understand what's happening here (Sorry there are no links, but I'm playing hooky to write this and google is just as quick anyway):

Rush Limbaugh is the leading Republican commentator in the United states. The other day on his radio show he came out in support of the Lord's Resistance Army as a good Christian organization fighting against the Moslem terrorists in Sudan, denouncing Obama for considering using our military forces to attack them (drone strikes etc.).

I don't have to look them up. I've followed the LRA's antics for years. What they do is go to a boarding school in Kenya or Uganda, kill all the teachers, kidnap all the girls as sex slaves, and enslave the boys also. They usually put on a little show for the boys. They'll take the oldest one, torture him to death in front of his schoolmates, then make the others eat his flesh. Then they tell them--you're cannibals now, no one will have you in normal society, not your parents, not anyone. You have no choice but to stay with us.

Then they will give the boys AK-47s and send them into a mosque or into a catholic church with orders to kill everyone and then to go out of their way to commit acts of desecration (why they do any of this, i have no idea, but they often kill 300 or 400 innocent people this way--in fact no one has ever been able to figure out why they do these things--the leaders must be like characters out of De Sade).

You would think that this would be the end of Limbaugh, even as much as he depends on the impenetrable ignorance of his followers, that he  would be driven out of any public or political role after this, that he would be finished. 

But it won't change one little thing. He might make an apology for any misunderstanding, and then go right on.

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