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 Just now while the baby was attempting to crawl on the floor, I watched actual live tv and had to see commercials. Incredible.

One was for an insurance company that gave you a discount for letting them install a camera on your dashboard to film you whenever they want. The add showed agents from a rival company saying how much better that is than anything they offer and then running away when they realized they'd been filmed criticizing their own workplace. The moral was with the first company you don't have to be camera-shy.

Another was for frozen vegetables. The strategy was to make you think you were buying straight from farmers. They showed the marketing director of the company, pruporting that he did that part time (despite the multi-million dollar add campaign the viewer is watching), and is really a farmer. To prove it, they show him driving a tractor, while the narrator says he too busy plowing to appear on camera. He must be a marketing director and a not a farmer since he was plowing a field full of mature green-bean plants.

Another suggested you should follow your doctor's advice and take the advertised over-the-counter medicine. You're not a doctor and shouldn't try to do his job. To illustrate the point they showed a doctor doing someone else's job, namely playing the fifth Brandenburg--except it was being played by a string quartet while there were horns and a harpsichord palying on the soundtrack.

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