Jun. 12th, 2007 09:45 am
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We read in Borges' Mountebank of a wandering madman who renacts Eva Peron's funeral as a sort of carnival side-show. According to Borges this lacked little of the original, however, since:

"...Peron was not Peron, either, nor was Eva, Eva--they were unknown or anonymous persons (whose secret name and true face we shall never know) who acted out, for the credulous love of the working class, a crass and ignoble mythology."

No wonder the story attracted every hack in the world; probably none of them had ever read Borges.

Siam--I fear I am still reading in Andrew Hurely's translation for the simple reason I have it to hand; I can't imagine making the trip to the library with two childern far too young just for the sake of improving it. The only particularity I noticed was in The Aleph, where the title Georgics appeared as georgics; but then I can't comapre it to the original. Incidently, my wife wants to see more posting in your journal, and not about fencing (although I considered those posts invaluable and will refer to them for guidance whenever I find occasion to write about sword play).

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