Jun. 23rd, 2010 12:39 pm
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Here is a you tube video (sorry embedding is not allowed--never saw that before):

This clip is filled with such historical goodies!

Who knew that the negro spiritual tradition began in the ancient cultic worship of Baal? Or that Baal was just as nervous as Yahweh that his followers actually believed in him and made them confess it all the time? And why does Martial not mention the origin of Gaditean dance as a liturgical practice?

But the most interesting thing, to judge from that Bull headed statue (the Egyptianiaizing style is actually correct) is that in the cult of Baal Ahab introduced into Israel, Ball was already syncretized with El. Many Ugariticists has postulated such a syncretism as the origin of the figure of Yahweh, and here is visual confirmation! Of course that makes Elijah's crumodgenly party-pooping somewhat anachronistic (also I don't think he know what to 'stand in judgement' means.)

It was also nice of them to clear up that creatio ex nihilo is a Biblical doctrine. And here I was thinking that the text of Geneiss 1:1-2 indicated that the deep (tehom = Tiamat) already existed when El (too early for that Yahweh fellow, I guess) began to create. Silly me.

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