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I read Pliny quite thoroughly once upon a time, so I had no real trouble with that last chunck of Latin, but since its been over a year since I've read any Latin, I felt a paranoid need to check myself, so after producing this:

IX. 17.1-2
1 Recepi litteras tuas quibus quereris taedio tibi fuisse quamvis lautissimam cenam, quia scurrae cinaedi moriones mensis inerrabant. 2 Vis tu remittere aliquid ex rugis? Equidem nihil tale habeo, habentes tamen fero. Cur ergo non habeo? Quia nequaquam me ut inexspectatum festivumve delectat, si quid molle a cinaedo, petulans a scurra, stultum a morione profertur.

I have received your letter in which you complain that although you were at a very fashionable dinner party, you were annoyed because there were ruffians, faggots, and idiots wandering around the tables. Don’t you want to let go of what of whatever is giving you wrinkles of anxiety? Certainly I have nothing of that kind, but I nevertheless do put up with people who have them.

Why don’t I have them?

Because nothing unexpected or agreeable delights me if something effeminate is offered by a faggot, or something bad-tempered from a ruffian, or something foolish from an idiot…

I found this on Project Gutenburg, by William Melmoth (d. 1799)--I wasn't too happy about 'buffoons, mummers, and wanton prostitutes' sepeically since he has them in the wrong order.:

I HAVE received your letter, in which you complain of having
been highly disgusted lately at a very splendid entertainment, by a
set of buffoons, mummers, and wanton prostitutes, who were
dancing about round the tables. But let me advise you to
smooth your knitted brow somewhat. I confess, indeed, I admit
nothing of this kind at my own house; however, I bear with it in
others. "And why, then," you will be ready to ask, "not have them
yourself ?"

The truth is, because the gestures of the wanton, the pleasantries of
the buffoon, or the extravagancies of the mummer, give me no
pleasure, as they give me no surprise.

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