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Freud's student I. Marcinowksi in 1911 and 1912 published exampels of artwork that he solicited from his patients to illustrate their dreams. Here are two examples:



They come from the Zbl. Psychoanal. vols. 1-2. If anyone has access to the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing Archive it would be nice to see more.
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1. The other day A. called out from the back-seat of the car, "I wish they would stop all those weird noises!" "There is nothing weird about Brahms," I told him, imagining he meant the stereo, but he said nothing to that and a moment later came, "And I wish they would stop all those weird voices talking to me all the time!"

"When do you these voices talk to you?" I asked, somewhat alarmed.

"In the morning."

"You mean when you are waking up? You must mean dreams."

"No, I'm not asleep. Its at night and in the morning when I am lying in bed."

"Well, it is a kind of dream. You think you're awake, but you're not. You're between dreaming and waking." I could not resist telling him these are hypnogogic states, but even to him I am sure that made no impression.

2. Here is A.'s latest toy:

(don't ask me why he's not nude)

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