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  When Lance Armstrong was racing, I would watch the tour every year, religiously.  It amused me to no end that an American--a Texan!--could cause such outrage among the French by winning so many times.  Even though all his wins have been cast into doubt, it was still fun at the time to watch it.

After Armstrong retired, I pretty much retired from watching it too.  So here's the funny thing--Malkhos still watches it every year.  He doesn't even like sports, really, to speak of, except sumo wrestling.

Tonight when I came home with the baby he had the tour on television as usual.  While the baby took his bedtime bottle, I lay on the couch and watched for a while.

"Why do you still watch this?" I asked Malkos.

"So I can see France," he replied.

"So you can see France?" I said. "Really."

"Yes," he said. "Look at the architecture there.  Although that looks more like Spain than France."

"That's the strangest reason I've ever heard to watch a sporting event," I said.

"Well, look how Froggy everything is," he said.

"So what does stuff that's all Froggy look like?" I ask.

"Just watch the t.v.," he said.

On a final, unrelated note, here's a short clip of the baby, who is now 17 months old, dancing in the cutest way.  It only lasts about 30 seconds and is well worth the time.

And here is the music playing in the background.
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